Senior citizen robbed in front of house


PARAMARIBO – A 67-year-old woman on Thursday was robbed of her gold necklace in front of her house. She told the police that when she arrived home, she spotted the two men who had robbed her. One of the suspects was sitting on the scooter while the other one was taking a piss alongside the street. The woman parked her car in front of her house and exited the vehicle to open her gate. When she walked to the gate, she heard a scooter driving by her house so she looked at the scooter and saw the same two men on the scooter. After the woman had opened her gate, she walked back to her car but the man who was sitting behind the moped rider walked towards her and snatched her necklace before running back to the moped and fleeing the scene. The woman then notified the police of the street robbery. The investigation is ongoing. The perpetrators are still at large. …[+]