Teachers furious over Education minister’s statement


Teachers are currently furious over the fact that the minister of Education, Science and Culture predicted that this year’s school results will be disappointing. They made it clear that the Ministry of Education does very little to help the pupils who can neither read nor write. The teachers pointed out that after the ministry introduced the free flow policy, pupils  automatically assumed that they no longer had to work hard or study because they would get a free pass to go to the next grade. According to the teachers, the minister wants to blame the bad results on the strikes that they went on. The teachers made it clear that they are sparing no efforts to inspire the pupils and the students to study harder. They are happy that the ministry has finally decided to take a U-turn on its decision to introduce the free flow policy. The teachers have noticed that a growing number of pupils and students are once again doing their best to earn the necessary points to pass to the next grade. A teacher who is stationed at a primary school told Times of Suriname that so far only 8 of the 38 pupils who are in her classroom would pass to the sixth grade. If 12 of her pupils work harder, they will also pass to the next grade. The teacher complained that the principal at her school summoned her to the office to explain why this many pupils would fail her class. She explained that she had repeatedly  informed the principal of the fact that the parents do not do their part at home. …[+]