UK pledges £500,000 for Hurricane Beryl relief


JAMAICA – The United Kingdom has announced a £500,000 aid package for Caribbean countries severely impacted by Hurricane Beryl. Foreign Secretary David Lammy made this announcement, stating that the financial support aims to provide immediate relief to those affected by the hurricane, including support for housing and livelihoods. In addition to the monetary aid, the UK has dispatched 800 emergency shelter kits capable of supporting up to 4,000 people. These kits, alongside 1,620 water collection and storage buckets, have already been sent to Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines, which suffered extensive damage earlier this week.

Foreign Secretary David Lammy emphasized, “Our thoughts are with those who have suffered losses, lost their homes, or are without power. This funding will aid in disaster recovery efforts, forming part of a swift and coordinated response in the region. The early season development of such a storm underscores the climate emergency we face and underscores the need for immediate action.”

Furthermore, the UK has responded to a request from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency by providing assistance for the deployment of regional teams. These teams will support national disaster offices in emergency operations, relief efforts, logistics management, telecommunications, security, and sectoral assessments. (Caribbean.loopnews)…[+]