VES: “Politicians too busy with election campaign”


PARAMARIBO – With less than a year to go until Election Day the nation’s political parties are already busy with their election campaign. The political parties that are part of the current  opposition are not the only ones set on winning the elections because even the coalition parties are currently squandering money on impressing potential voters. The Association of Economists in Suriname (VES) recently disapproved of the manner in which the coalition parties are wasting money on their election campaigns.


“The president and the  vice president who are each the chairman of their political party are in the field to rake in potential votes on May 25th, 2025. Why should voters give these parties their blessings again? These coalition parties have the majority of seats in parliament and therefore have enough support to make a difference with their polity. But the bills that must be discussed and passed keep piling up.

It is regrettable to see that parliamentary sessions either do not start on time or are cancelled due to the absence of legislators. Why should citizens choose people who do not take care of their responsibilities? The attitude of the authorities is delaying the progress of this country,” said the VES. The VES pointed out that it seems as if the head of state does not seem interested in addressing the problems of the nation.

 “A prominent member of the party of the vice president is arrested abroad but the  president and the  vice president do not talk about the fact that the Public Prosecutor’s Office wanted to question the prominent member for his alleged involvement in murder and the drug trade,” said the VES before pointing out that several political parties of the opposition and the coalition are often associated with dubious persons with a criminal record.

Top executives of political parties are accused of large scale corruption by their own party members but the leaders of the parties do not distance themselves from these suspects. “They do not talk about it. Isn’t it the Public Prosecutor’s Office job to act?” The VES also criticized citizens for accepting politicians that cross the line. …[+]