Wharf collapses at River Lounge Uitkijk. Revellers fall in the river.


PARAMARIBO – Three people sustained injuries when a section of  the wharf at River Lounge Uitkijk located in the Saramacca District collapsed on Sunday night. The police officers from the Jarikaba Police Department referred the two women and a man to a local clinic for medical treatment.


Reports indicate that one of the women broke her leg when the wharf collapsed. The victims attended a party which was being held on the wharf last Sunday. Many people were dancing on the wharf when the wharf collapsed. Reports indicate that some people fell in the Saramacca River but that they were quickly pulled out of the water. It is suspected that more people sustained injuries but the police only came across three injured people upon arrival at the scene. Several people complained that their bags, phones and keys had fallen in the river and that they wanted the organisers of the event to cover the damages. One of the revellers claimed that he also would have fallen in the river if he had not held on to the wharf. …[+]