Parents receive progress report: Teachers puzzled by dual policy

progress report


The parents of children who are enrolled at several primary schools on Monday expressed their disapproval over the fact that they recently received their children’s progress report. They explained that this has left them confused. Teachers also complained that they were also caught by surprise by this latest development. Several months ago the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture instructed  teachers to switch back to the traditional report books and report cards and that they once again had to write the pupils’ scores in numbers instead of letters. Last Friday teachers unexpectedly received the progress reports which they had to fill in and give to the children that same day. Teachers, pupils and parents are puzzled by the ministry’s decision and its dual policy. The nation’s teachers would like to know if the ministry wants to continue the free flow policy which was officially scrapped at the start of this school year. They pointed out that sticking to the traditional report card and the progress report means more work and more confusion. Several weeks ago the minister of Education predicted that the final results would be bad this year. “We have so many questions that remain unanswered,” said a concerned parent. The teachers and parents made it clear that they want the ministry to choose a clear policy in order to put their minds at ease…[+]