Abimael Guzmán: Peru ponders fate of Shining Path leader’s body


Peruvian officials are expected to decide later on Monday what to do with the body of Abimael Guzmán, the founder of the Shining Path rebel group, who died in prison on Saturday. Almost 70,000 people died or disappeared in the conflict between the Maoist group and the Peruvian state. There are fears that if he were to be buried, his gravesite could become a rallying point for extremists. Peru’s justice minister said he would like to see the body cremated. “The most appropriate thing would be a cremation so there’s no place at which certain Peruvians can pay tribute to this person,” he said. But Prime Minister Guido Bellido stressed that the decision would be up to the public prosecutor’s office and that the government would respect whatever decision is taken.(BBC)…[+]