25,000 people will no longer receive purchasing power boost


About 25,000 people will no longer re wives the purchasing power boost. Reports indicate that private individuals, state employees, foundations and firms were put on the list, although they do not need the purchasing power boost at all. About 95,000 people were initially registered, but this number suddenly jumped to 130,000. During the course of an internal investigation it became clearer that about 25,000 were mistakenly placed in the category of low income, retirees and poor households. “The same number of people were taken off the list which means that they will no longer receive this payment,” said President  Chandrikapersad  Santokhi. The attorney general has been asked to launch an investigation into this case. “We suspect that there is a conspiracy of people who have been working at various departments of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo) for a long time. A huge fraud racket which has been constructed during the  past couple of years. This must be uncovered, because it is a serious matter and because it is unacceptable to let taxpayers’ money be stolen. We are waiting for the results of the attorney general’s investigation,” said President Santokhi who added that “it is suspected  that people are also committing fraud with the Moni Karta.”…[+]