Covid: France says just one jab needed for previously infected


France’s health authority is recommending that anyone previously infected with Covid-19 should only receive one vaccine jab, instead of the normal two doses. People who recover from Covid have some immunity and should be inoculated three-six months afterwards, it said. France is the first country to issue this advice. It has delivered nearly 2.8 million vaccinations so far, the health ministry said. “A single vaccine dose will… play the role of reminding” the body of someone previously infected with coronavirus how to fight the disease, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) said. The recommendation comes as governments around the world are rushing to vaccinate their populations and try to return life to normal. At least 3.4 million people in France have had confirmed Covid-19 infections but the true figure is thought to be higher. Around 81,000 people have died – the seventh-highest figure in the world.(NU)…[+]