Govt. looking for consultants to map out Guyana’s minerals

The Government of Guyana GoG issued an Invitation for Request for Proposals for consulting services for Mineral Mapping Study of Guyana’s Mineral Resources targeting both traditional gold reserves and emerging non-traditional minerals. On Wednesday the Ministry of Natural Resources issued the invitation seeking consortium of consultants/consulting firm to submit proposals for the project. The overarching goal of the project is to bridge data gaps, reduce investment costs, foster diversification in the mining sector and enable more targeted investments from both small and medium scale miners.
Notably, it was explained that the identification and quantification of minerals is not the sole purpose of this mapping exercise, but it will also provide a comprehensive understanding of the significant multidimensional role of these minerals in the country’s development.
Earlier this year, the Committee of Supply approved $400 million for the phase one of the mineral mapping project to be undertaken by the natural resources ministry in the various mining areas in Guyana.
During the consideration of the 2024 budget, Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat explained to the Committee of Supply that the mineral mapping of the mining areas in Guyana is badly needed, since the current data is over 40 years. He added that the project will assist his ministry in making informed allocation of claims and mining blocks. The minister said too that it will also reduce the cost of prospecting and exploration, particularly for small and medium scale miners.
Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Shurwayne Holder had asked the specific areas the $400 million will cover for the mineral mapping and what other minerals besides gold and diamond will the ministry be surveying for.Minister Bharrat had explained that in light of other critical elements being sought after around the world to produce batteries and solar panels, the government will be surveying for other critical elements.
We know that lithium is in big, big demand across the world…so it is a much sought after element around the world and we know that they are a few countries in South America producing lithium so we believe that they maybe a possibility that we do have that in the critical mineral here too… that’s why we are not only focused on gold and diamond,” Minister Bharrat said. He noted that the team will be focusing on a few of the main mining districts in phase one which is Mazaruni, Puruni and North West District.
Moreover, it was stated that interested consultants should provide information demonstrating solid experience and exposure to mineral exploration and exploitation, mineral resource mapping and document preparation and well-versed in the expectations the mineral mapping study intends to deliver. (Kaieteur News)…[+]