U.S. Embassy and the Suriname America Alumni association organize training sessions

US embassy

PARAMARIBO – The U.S. Embassy, in collaboration with the Suriname America Alumni Association (SAAA), is hosting a series of training sessions tied to an opportunity to apply for small grants to fund alumni projects up to a maximum of US$3,000.

The SAAA membership is comprised of individuals who are alumni of various U.S. government funded exchange programs. The training sessions include the topics Alumni Association Management and Resources, Volunteerism and Fundraising, Networking and Mentorship, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Small Grants Writing (A “How-To” Guide). The purpose of the training sessions is to strengthen the SAAA, and to provide alumni with resources to address issues important to Suriname and which align with the Embassy’s goals and priorities. The workshops will also help create a new generation of alumni leaders who are civically engaged, appreciate and promote democratic values, and work actively towards a better Suriname. To reach as many alumni as possible, training will be offered on Saturdays in Paramaribo and Nickerie…[+]