Uv.AV defends union chairman: General strike at EBS


The executives at the Energy Company Suriname (EBS) recently fired Marciano Hellings, union chairman at the EBS, thereby sending shockwaves through the entire company. The commotion started when the twin brother of Hellings, Raoul Hellings, posted several pictures on his social media profile. Marciano Hellings apologized but management nevertheless decided to give the union chairman the boot. The workers then attended a union meeting where they voted to reject the decision of management and to go on a strike nationwide. Reports indicate that the employees from every department of the EBS have joined the strike. The Union of Assertive Associations (Uv.AV) has already expressed its support for Hellings and made it clear that it deems this decision of the executives at the EBS as a direct attack on the rights and interests of the employees and union officials. The new labor federation also made it clear that union chairmen have the right to let their voices be heard without having to fear repercussions. The Uv.AV announced that it would not remain on the sidelines while labor rights are violated but that it would seek local and international support to fight this injustice. “United we stand strong in our fight for fair labor circumstances,” said the Uv.AV which urged all of the nation’s unions to join this important fight for labor rights…[+]