Caribbean not safe from serious climate-induced food shortage

food shortage

The portents for a global food crisis may already be looming large as climate change unleashes a multi-faceted onslaught on the food production system according to a report from the Inter- governmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) a United Nations body dedicated to providing an objective, scientific perspective on climate change, its natural political and economic impacts and risks and possible response options. And while the study does not undertake a specific examination of the prospects for the Caribbean its findings bespeak a randomness in the pattern of climate change which suggests the Caribbean enjoys no immunity from climate-related food security challenges.

The report, released in August this year but seemingly only sparingly publicized in the region, explores the impacts of climate breakdown on the global food system, making a case for climate change presenting the most formidable challenge to the world feeding itself in the years ahead.(Stabroek News)…[+]