Germany AfD: Thuringia PM quits amid fury over far right


A German state premier elected with the help of the far-right AfD says he is resigning to pave the way for fresh elections. The election of liberal leader Thomas Kemmerich in the eastern state of Thuringia prompted national outrage.

“Resignation is unavoidable,” he said. For years Germany’s main parties have shunned Alternative for Germany (AfD). Chancellor Angela Merkel – whose own party also backed Mr Kemmerich – called Wednesday’s election “unforgivable”.

The AfD has grown in popularity in recent years but has been condemned for its extreme views on immigration, freedom of speech and the press. Wednesday’s vote was described as a political earthquake as it was the first time the AfD helped form a government in Germany, breaking a consensus among the main parties to never work with extremist parties.(BBC)…[+]