Iran plane crash: Canada mourns Iran crash victims


In the aftermath of the deadly Ukraine Flight PS752 crash, Canadians are left to mourn not just the loss of life, but the loss of the future so many of the victims had hoped to help build. All 176 people on board Ukraine Flight PS752 were killed early on Wednesday morning when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Iran.

The flight was headed for Kiev, but the vast majority of them – 138 according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – were connecting to Canada. Sixty-three of them were Canadian nationals, but many more called Canada their home, at least temporarily.They lived in cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. Many were students or professors, working on important research in their fields.

US sanctions have made it increasingly difficult to travel between Iran and Canada, and the Ukraine International Airlines flight from Tehran to Kiev and then to Toronto is popular because it is one of the most affordable options for the journey, said Younes Zangiabadi with the Iranian Canadian Congress.(BBC)…[+]