Mike Pompeo criticises HSBC for backing Hong Kong security law


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticised banking giant HSBC for supporting China’s move to impose new security legislation in Hong Kong. Mr Pompeo also said the US stood with its allies against China’s “coercive bully tactics”.

The Trump administration has repeatedly attacked Beijing for what it says is an attempt to end Hong Kong’s autonomy. HSBC, which is UK-based but was formed in Hong Kong in 1865, declined to comment on Mr Pompeo’s remarks. US-China ties have deteriorated rapidly since the start of the year over Hong Kong and the coronavirus pandemic. The statement on Tuesday by America’s top diplomat came after both HSBC and Standard Chartered expressed support for China’s national security legislation in Hong Kong. Mr Pompeo said the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “browbeating” of HSBC “should serve as a cautionary tale“.(BBC)…[+]