Baby boy found to be alive after Delhi hospital declared him dead


Police in Delhi have launched an investigation after a baby that had been pronounced dead by doctors was found to be moving in a body bag as his parents prepared to deliver funeral rites. Two doctors have been sacked from Delhi’s upmarket Max hospital in Shalimar Bagh, where the boy and his twin sister were born prematurely at 22 weeks last week.

The girl was stillborn and the boy was in critical condition; soon afterwards, doctors pronounced him dead. Indian TV showed images of yellow plastic bags in which the bodies were reportedly wrapped by the hospital and returned to the family. “They handed us both bodies wrapped like a courier package from the back door,” the boy’s grandfather Kailash told NDTV. “After we travelled 3km, we felt a movement in one [bag]. We ripped it open, found bits of plastic and the baby inside, breathing.” He said the family had been preparing to perform the last rites in line with Hindu funeral traditions when a relative felt one of the bags wriggling in his lap.(theguardian)…[+]