Evacuated Afghan girl’s pet bird finds sanctuary with French envoy


A pet bird belonging to an Afghan girl who was evacuated from Kabul after the Taliban’s takeover has found a new home with France’s ambassador in Abu Dhabi. Xavier Chatel took in the little mynah, named Juji, after the girl was stopped from bringing it on a flight from the United Arab Emirates to France. The bird now lives at the ambassador’s residence, and after days of coaching has even learnt to tweet “bonjour”. Mr Chatel has promised to try to reunite the girl with Juji one day. More than 120,000 people were airlifted out of Afghanistan between 14 August, the day before Taliban militants took control of Kabul, and 30 August, when the last US forces withdrew from the country. About 2,600 at-risk Afghans left on French evacuation flights.(BBC)…[+]