Israel claims aid worker shot dead by its troops was Palestinian militant


Israeli allegations that an aid worker shot dead by its troops earlier this week was attempting to carry out a cross-border attack from Gaza are being examined by the international medical aid group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF confirmed that one of its Palestinian medical staff, Hani al-Majdalawi, was killed in an incident earlier this week.

Cogat, the Israeli organisation responsible for Palestinian civilian affairs, said al-Majdalawi tried to infiltrate Israel from Gaza, opened fire at soldiers and threw a bomb. Israeli troops shot and killed al-Majdalawi during the attack on Monday. The Israeli military has not said whether it is holding al-Majdalawi’s remains.

According to the statement, Cogat’s commander, Maj Gen Kamil Abu Rokon, said those who take “part in saving lives should assist in humanitarian activities in the Gaza Strip, and should not take part in terrorism”. Alva White, a spokeswoman for MSF, confirmed al-Majdalawi had worked for the organisation and that he was killed in Gaza on Monday. “MSF is working to verify and understand the circumstances regarding this extremely serious incident, and is not able to comment further at this stage,” the organisation said in a statement.(theguardian)…[+]