Papua New Guinea: 92 unclaimed bodies buried in mass grave

unclaimed bodies

Unclaimed bodies found decaying in an outdoor shed have been buried alongside others in a mass grave in Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby. The burial took place after a viral social media video appeared to show excess bodies from the Port Moresby General Hospital morgue in the shed. Of the 92 bodies buried – not all found in the shed – 40 of them were children. The hospital said the government had allocated additional funding to the mortuary for 2023. The viral video showed at least 10 bodies, wrapped in blankets, on bunks and in hospital beds in an outdoor shed. It is currently the wet season in Papua New Guinea, with temperatures hovering around the high 20 to mid-30C. Although the mortuary is based at the hospital, the local government authority, the National Capital District Commission, is responsible for it. The morgue has struggled to keep up with demand for space as the population of Port Moresby has grown.(BBC)…[+]