Venezuelans assure Trinidad women: ‘We are not here for your husbands’


Venezuelan school teacher and desperate migrant Isabeth Moren, has a message for the women of Trinidad and Tobago. “We did not come here to take your husbands,” she said. Moreno, who also has a radio programme in her homeland, said she had fled a country plagued by a worsening economic and political crisis. And she was simply seeking a better life.

Standing in line at the migrant registration centre at Achievors Banquet Hall in San Fernando on Friday, Moreno said she was disappointed in the way Trinidadian women treated her kind. “We are insulted and degraded. I am a school teacher, my friend here is a doctor. Not every single Venezuelan woman you see is here for prostitution,” she said. Moreno, 50, arrived in Trinidad two months ago and has secured a job as a waitress.

“But the men in Trinidad thinks we are here for sex. That is not right. In many instances we have men coming into our bedrooms in our apartments asking for sex. Some of them ask for massages. That is wrong. We are not here for that. It is unfair that we have to be degraded like this,” she said. Moreno said she wanted to return to her homeland and be reunited with her family. “My country is beautiful. We don’t want to live here. We want to be allowed to stay and work and someday return home,” she said.(Trinidad Express)…[+]