Wieambilla: Australia police killers posted video during shootout


A couple behind a suspected ambush in rural Australia, in which two police offers were killed, appear to have posted a video during the attacks, where they admitted to the killings.  Queensland Police said they were aware of the tape but did not confirm whether it showed Gareth and Stacey Train. The couple, along with Gareth’s brother Nathaniel, were killed by police after shooting two officers and a neighbour. Police are looking into the trio’s links to conspiracy theories. Officials said the suspects used “many weapons”, but are yet to reveal what kind – or any motive for the attack. But Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Thursday said it was a “vicious and deadly ambush”. The Queensland Police union boss Ian Leavers claimed the property was set up with a sophisticated surveillance system and a stockpile of guns and ammunition. In videos uploaded to a YouTube account – first reported by local media outlet Crikey on Friday morning – a pair sharing the likeness of Gareth and Stacey rail against police.(BBC)…[+]